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Our Story

I'm a mother first...

... then a wife, then a very hard working woman.


My experiences in the working world resulted burn-out. Imagine being an Executive Assistant to two Senior Partners at a very prestigious corporate giant. If you know, you know but if you don't, the life of an Assistant is nothing to be envied. My days blurred into each other and my life became the Firm first, then my family. I craved change.


Almost August was the result of that journey. I wanted to enjoy quality products in the warmth and solitude of my home. I wanted to create moments of self care for myself teased by gentle aromas, creamy textures and peace. I then wanted to share this with my family, friends and now you.


I encourage you to not only take this journey with me but to allow me the honor of curating this experience for you with our handcrafted products.

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