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Updated: Nov 14

Welcome to our very first LIVING IN AUGUST blog post!

If you are new to all things Almost August, allow me to introduce myself and our brand. I’m Kernita Butler Heard and in 2021 I established my company for a few reasons. As a member of the corporate world, I felt like I was slowly being dragged away from my core values and my family. Life seemed to be zooming by, days blurred in to each other and I constantly found myself reflecting on who I was and who I wanted to continue life as. The pandemic put a lot of things into perspective for me and combined with my mental health being put into crisis I decided to fall into God, deeper into my faith and I quit my nine to five.

To say I was scared is an understatement. I asked family to pray for me and I prayed HARD! To go from secured, consistent income to the very, very unknown made my chest tight. But God had spoken and my inner self didn’t want a year to go by and I wonder… just maybe, what if I had? October 2021 was my last month in office and by August 2022 I’d opened a brick-and-mortar Downtown Conroe. That journey is a story in and of itself that I promise to share in detail with you soon. It is a walk with God Himself.

Long intro short, here we are today. We make the majority of our products ourself, including soaps, candles, linen spray, body butter, lathering sugar scrubs and more. We offer candle making classes offsite, for personal celebrations and corporate team building. This year is our first year creating year end client gifts for high profile companies, which I am very proud of and grateful for.

So why this blog? First, I want to create evidence of where I am today and where God is taking me. Every opportunity that has come our way, came to us - we didn’t reach out to create any of them and that is all God’s doing. We have been in more publications that I can remember, some of which people send to me that I haven’t a clue exists! I want to share that everything God has done and is doing in my life, He will absolutely do for you, too. Second, I know how to do too many things to keep them all to myself. I’m a chef, not trained but believe me, I could open a restaurant of goodness if I wanted to. I garden, craft, paint, build… If my hands can touch it, I can do it. I want to share all these things with you so that you can be create in different aspects of your homelife. So, sit back and ready yourself for recipes, gardening tips, lifestyle hacks and diy’s by us!

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